Wave Set Cephus | Interesting Facts

Wave Set Cephus

Wave Set Cephus is the second child of rappers Cardi B and Offset, born on September 4, 2021. He has an older sister, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born in July 2018.

Wave’s parents have kept his life relatively private, but they have shared some details about him with the public. For example, Cardi B has said that Wave is a “happy baby” and that he loves to smile. Offset has also said that Wave is “strong” and “healthy.”

In September 2023, Wave celebrated his second birthday. Cardi B and Offset shared photos and videos of the celebration on social media. The photos showed Wave wearing a blue and white striped outfit and playing with a cake.

Wave Set Cephus is a growing and thriving boy, and his parents are clearly very proud of him. It is exciting to see what the future holds for this young member of the hip-hop royalty.

Wave Set Cephus Interesting Facts

  • Wave’s name was chosen by his father, Offset. Cardi B said that she loved the name as soon as she heard it.
  • Wave Set Cephus has a popular Instagram account that is run by his parents. The account has over 2 million followers.
  • Wave is a big fan of music. His parents have said that he loves to listen to both hip-hop and R&B.
  • Wave Set is also a big fan of food. Cardi B has said that he loves to eat chicken nuggets and pizza.
  • He is a very active child. He loves to run, play, and dance.
  • Wave is very close to his older sister, Kulture. They often play together and cuddle.
  • Wave is a very happy child. He loves to smile and laugh.
  • The boy is very loved by his parents. They have said that he is the light of their lives.
  • Wave is a very lucky child. He was born into a wealthy and loving family.
  • Wave is a very special child. He is unique and has a lot to offer the world.

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